Switching print MIS can be a daunting experience.  The print estimating module is very important. In the past we've heard nightmares of people paying serious money to switch away from Printsum, only to return two years later, sadder, wiser, and poorer.  The answer is you really have to experience the product to know what it'll be like. And if you don't like it you're unlikely to get your money back!

Here are a few tips on the process.  Printsum’s free print MIS can be downloaded here if you want to have a look, and information on both this and on our other editions can be found at http://www.printsum.com.  Good luck with your search!


Reduce cost

• Prices of systems vary enormously

• Ask why prices of systems are not displayed on-line – is it because they are embarrassed?

• There is usually not only an up-front cost, but a periodic cost too. A difference of a few pounds a week can get significant.

• What you pay does not necessarily correspond to what you get. Look here.

What about problems transferring data?

• Whatever system you migrate from and to there is always work to do.

• Many systems allow you to import and export customers.

• Jobs are more problematic to transfer (and can be expensive). Nevertheless it might be worthwhile getting a quote.

• Paper pricelists can often be imported direct from files supplied by the suppliers For a start you’ll need estimates and invoices.

Reduce bureaucracy

• Some systems are far faster to use than others and require less entries

• Look for intelligent systems which can advise you rather than just adding up

• If the spot price you negotiated when estimating can become the purchase order on confirmation without further work then that’s an example of efficiency.

Training and set-up

• Something to watch out for. Many systems rely on installation and training to make a large proportion of their income

• On-line tutorials can be useful for helping you find your feet.

• If it needs a lot of hand-holding to get set-up, don’t forget you’re on your own when the man in the white coat goes home again.

• Intelligent systems take a lot less setting up.